Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.


photo Martine Dekker

Martine Dekker is the director of Music Together of the Fraser Valley. She graduated from ArtEz Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Zwolle, The Netherlands in 2004 with a degree in Music Education. Her degree was recognized by the BC Teacher Regulation Branch in 2013 and she has been teaching piano, voice, band, choir and music theory in and outside of the school system since she moved to BC in 2007.
She loves teaching music and is committed to creating a positive environment that is stimulating, encouraging and supportive for all participants.

photo Meg Fildes

Meg graduated from Capilano University with a Bachelors in Music Therapy in 2007.  Since then, she has worked as a Music Therapist in local seniors homes and also performed as entertainment in seniors homes.  Meg is also an accomplished dancer and previously taught dance and voice to high school students at Stagecoach Schools in Vancouver.  Her biggest and most thrilling experience was  tap dancing in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  Currently, Meg is a stay at home mom, taking care of two little girls but is enjoying  teaching Music Together® as well as participating as a parent in Music Together too!

photo Beth Mizen
photo Rhiannon Jones

Rhiannon grew up in a musical family and often enjoyed performing in church and local/school plays. She is a classically trained soprano (through the Royal Conservatory), but mostly spends her time now singing to her own two small boys, Vaughn and Gael. Rhiannon has a degree in Cognitive Science from SFU, where early childhood development in language was one of her favourite areas of study, and was once a contestant on Canada’s Smartest Person (she didn’t win, but she aced the “Musical Intelligence” portion!)

photo Mindy Johnston

Mindy was introduced to Music Together after joining a class with her then 6 month old daughter. They both immediately fell in love with the program and it quickly became one of their favorite weekly activities. The enjoyment of making Music Together once a week just wasn’t enough and the MT songs quickly became a staple in Mindy’s home.

When Mindy went back to work her mother continued taking her daughter to classes and now, almost 3 years later Mindy is bringing her 6 month old son to classes along with her daughter.  Mindy thought that the perfect way to keep enjoying the magic of Music Together would be to train to be a teacher herself, which she completed in April of 2018!